Founded in 2019, PYRATES PROXIES LTD was created to be there for the all your proxy needs. We strive to create the simplest, yet powerful solution to enable all customers to be able to get the results they need whether they are scraping data, managing social media accounts and much more.

Ease of Use

Using a service shouldn’t be difficult. Our solution comes with an easy to use interface, simple and clear instructions, setup guides for whatever your needs are and fast support to keep you running.


Stability is key. Being able to rely on the solution whether you’re running ten tasks on one site or 1000 on five sites, we can offer stable speeds and easy management of your tasks across any site.


Ease of use and stability deliver one thing. Success. Whether managing social media accounts for clients, running restocks on different sites or scraping website data. Our solution can unlock your potential and take you where you need to go.