Proxies by PY_RATES

Unlimited Proxies. Unlimited Potential.

Real residential IP’s, real residential abilities. Access to custom subnets where only the fastest and most reliable proxies are chosen for your target site. You can even chose whether you want static IP’s, perfect for sites like Adidas or rotating IP’s which work great on sites like Supreme.


– Unlimited proxies.
– Residential IP network.
– Sticky and rotating proxies.
– Custom options for high speed gateways.
– PayPal auto top-up.
– Over 20 countries supported.
– City based proxies available – perfect for Instagram.
– IP authentication.
– Private proxy subnet pool.
– Fast support and how to use guides.


Terms and Conditions:

When purchasing a proxy plan from PY_RATES, please note that it is a reoccurring monthly subscription. You will be billed on the same date each month for the plan you have purchased. You can change your plan at anytime. You can also cancel your subscription at any time, either by messaging us on Twitter or sending us an email.

Unfortunately, due to this service involving a digital product, we cannot refund any purchases for any reasons unless we do not deliver the item on time. We offer full support on this service and you can contact us if you need help by messaging us on Twitter or sending us an email.

Data is allocated to accounts on the date of purchase. Therefore, data cannot be allocated at another time. Data cannot ‘roll over’ to the next month. Any unused data is discard when your plan renews.